Delivery Directory: Yama

For a more sophisticated taste, Yama is the best gourmet take-out option. On top of its tasty food, the service is superior. The staff is patient with your pronunciations. Yama is pricier than most other take-out restaurants. Considering the high quality of the food, though, you will get your money’s worth. On top of the high prices, a of fifteen percent is included in the bill. While this means you do not have to worry about calculating the tip, it is nice to have that freedom. The wait from the time you place your order to the time it arrives on your doorstep can be lengthy, but the food is warm when you dig in. The most drool-worthy dishes are the tempura and chicken teriyaki bento boxes, the avocado maki, and, of course, the sushi. It is impossible to go wrong, no matter what you choose. If you are craving scrumptious and healthy Japanese food, you are sure to be satisfied with Yama! Final Verdict: Yama’s delicious Japanese cuisine can suit taste palates for the beginner to the bold.