Paz Mendez Hodes

NAME: Paz Mendez-Hodes HOMETOWN: New York, NY RETURN AS: A Lower REASONS WHY: Mendez-Hodes said, “Some of the four year senior requirements are academically pointless.” She continued, saying that she has been told that the English 100 course is partially remedial, to accommodate the difference in ability among incoming students, which then leaves little room for options. She believes that it is academically pointless, especially in the humanities where, say, one can not place out of English 100 or History 100. QUOTE: “Juniors are often so segregated from the rest of the school that they do not get much of a head start in terms of social connections and get shut out of extracurriculars. For example, I wanted to come here and do theater but the producers told me when I was discouraged that freshmen didn’t get parts. Everything really starts lower year in terms of extracurriculars. We’re all waiting for new lowers to come; there are so many of them that the grade only coheres after lower year.”