Student Council Update

Commons / Ryley Renovations Director of Facilities Michael Williams said that three dining halls could accommodate all the students, allowing the fourth to become a café type eatery. Mr. Williams reminded the Student Council that plans were subject to change but that construction was expected to begin in Fall 2007 and continue for twelve to fifteen months. The Council largely supported aspects of Ryley such as the current lighting and food offerings but was in favor of air conditioning and healthier food options. Mr. Williams stated that there was a plan to push back the food facilities and add another room, currently without a definite purpose or square footage. After Mr. Williams asked the council for suggestions, proposed ideas included making the room into an arcade and adding another widescreen TV. One Key Card System According to Mr. Williams, the One Key Card System’s cost would likely be in the millions of dollars and that it was likely the system would be phased in as a debit card and ID card initially, with dorm key functionality to be added later. Possible Renovations to GW Mail Room Silk brought up the possibility of applying for an Abbot Grant to renovate the GW Mail Room and Lounge. The Council discussed replacing the tables and couches, adding newer and more TV’s, and moving the vending machines to the unused space beneath the stairs. GW Coin Machine Kennan Daniel, Assistant Director of Student Activities, announced that the problem with the GW coin machine was not that of mechanical failure but lack of manpower to go to the bank for quarters to fill the machine. After a meeting at the Deans’ Table, School President Danny Silk ’07 reported that the Office of the Dean of Students would exchange $10 or more in bills for quarters. Bringing Back the Blue Pages The Student Council has received the Electronic Blue Pages, created by Fang Wang ’04. The pamphlet, with information such as restaurant numbers and directions and dorm locations, is currently 28 pages but will likely be reviewed and updated by a student committee. Funding for the project is secured. Class Events The PSPA grants $1000 for the year to each class for two events or parties. Silk mentioned that class representatives should be encouraged to manage their own event supplementary to those funded by the PSPA.