Field Hockey Opens Regular Season with a Win; Weiner ’08 and Stone ’10 Lead Andover to Victory

Lindsey Weiner ’08 and Avery Stone ’10 each scored once to lead the Andover Field Hockey team to a 2-0 victory over Governor’s Academy in the season opener. The team spirit of PA field hockey was apparent this Monday when the team dressed in their bright blue skirts for class and passed a secret hand shake from one team member to another along the paths. This team unity presented itself on the field in the 2-0 victory. Wiener scored Andover’s first goal off a rebound and Stone scored the second on an impressive slap shot. Lauren Jackson ’07 provided the game’s best highlight when she balanced the ball on her stick and air-dribbled it down the field. Captain Annie Boylan ’07 showed positive leadership, grit, and tenacity on the field and proved to be a pivotal playmaker. The impressive second half of Monday’s game was a good display of the team’s drive to win. With a score of 1-0 going into the second half, the team refused to settle for a 1-0 win and pushed for its second goal. Captain Boylan noted that, “Everyone played really hard in the second half, and put their all into the last few minutes of the game.” New player Sara Wallace ’08 said, “Our forwards played really well and we did a good job executing our plays.” This victory was aided by the experience and skill of returning players who helped advise new players and calm everyone’s first-game nerves. Emily Cokorinos ’08 commented that, “[The] returning players really helped out new players by giving them advice which allowed everyone to come together as a team.” The new members to the team include Carly O’Leary ’07, Julia Watson ’07, Kristy Spiak ’08, Sara Wallace ’08, Emily Cokorinos ’08, Stephanie Clegg ’08, Eliza Flinn ’10, and Avery Stone ’10. Clegg is outstanding for a first time field hockey player. She picked up the sport this summer and has proved to be an integral part of the team. Stone also stood out as a freshman goal scorer in the first game of the season. All of these new members of the team will prove very important throughout the season. Before playing Governor’s, the Field Hockey team played two scrimmages against Worcester Academy and Groton. Andover easily beat Worcester 5-1 but lost a battle to Groton 1-0. After the scrimmage against Groton, the two teams conducted a penalty shot competition. Both Britney VanValkenburg ‘08 and Lauren Jackson ’07 scored and goalie Ale Moss ’07 did not let a single ball pass into the net, making two impressive diving saves. Both of these scrimmages aided in the team chemistry apparent in their first game of the season. This Saturday the team will travel to Loomis for their second match of the season.