Senior Sirens of the Stage: Susannah

Name: Susannah Poland Performing Talent: Singing, Theatre What did you do this summer pertaining to your talent? I have a bunch of friends who also love to sing and can play piano, so sometimes we cluster around the keyboard at one of our houses. [We would] just run through song after song from pop anthologies that we all know. People just improvise harmony. The end product may not be top, but it’s such a blast. Christa Vardaro ’06, Jeff Cutts ’06, Chris Li ’07, and I met a few times over the summer to put together a set of classical/pop a cappella pieces in four-part harmony to perform at local nursing homes and hospitals. We arranged a bunch of Fidelio pieces and others recommended by Mr. Walter, and though changing schedules only left us time to perform for our families, it was a party. I try and see theatre performances in the Boston area as often as I can. Shakespeare on the Common is especially fun because anyone can picnic on the grass and watch a fabulous performance, often starring movie actors and well known artists. I always see friends in local shows, and I try and get to theaters such as the American and Merrimack Repertory Theatres. What was your favorite performing experience? I think my favorite [performances] were when I was a soprano in a quartet, Bles, with 3 other girlfriends from Andover, and we sang really tight four-part pop harmonies in gigs all around the area. We did a gig once where we performed some really fun, jazzy numbers, and we strolled through the hall flirting with the audience members. We really went all out and it was a blast.