Senior Sirens of the Stage: Lilli

Name: Lilli Stein Performing Talents: Acting, Directing, Studio Arts, Violin, Piano, Electric Bass What did you do this summer pertaining to your talent? I have been painting, drawing, and basically making all kinds of art and selling it. I have made a fair amount but it is nothing to speak of. On the bright side, I have started a hefty portfolio. As for theatre, I have been practicing the monologues, studying the plays I am producing next term, and writing the college essay about theatre (what a train wreck). What was your favorite performing experience? This past spring, I performed in the “The Diviners”. And I played the little retarded boy. I went crazy for this part– I even promised to cut my hair. To this day, Dunkin Donuts workers still mistake me for a “young man.” Performing as Buddy surpassed all of my other theatrical and musical performances to date. Why? Everything about “The Diviners” was beautiful. The cast was beautiful. The stage was beautiful. The lights were beautiful. The stage manager [James Flynn ’07] and assistant director [Paige Pettoruto ’07] were beautiful. Never before have I come so close to a character.