Students Honor Retiring Faculty

Andover held its annual “Celebration of Teaching” ceremony at All-School Meeting, in which students honor retiring teachers and faculty for their contributions to the PA community,. Carole Braverman and Paul Kalkstein ’61, Instructors in English, Henry Lynn Herbst, Chair of the French Department, and Sally Herbst, Instructor in French, were each individually commended by former or current students. Patricia Gerety, Assistant Director for Classes and Reunions, was honored by Rev. Michael Ebner ’70, School Chaplain and Director of Alumni Affairs. Before coming to Andover, Carole Braverman was an active playwright. She settled down as a teacher at Andover in 1979. Melissa Chiozzi ’06 and Fahad Missmar ’06 both spoke about their beloved teacher. “Ms. Braverman is an incredibly compassionate teacher who loves playwriting and really gave a lot of students help with it,” said Missmar. Chiozzi recalled the vivid detail with which Ms. Braverman remembered a story she had written a year and a half ago for English 200 – Ms. Braverman recollected even the pink of a bicycle. Patricia Gerety works in Andover’s Alumni Affairs Department. She came to Andover in 1991 and has served as Alumni Records Manager, Coordinator of Alumni Affairs and as Assistant to the Assistant of Alumni Affairs. However, she also coordinated many other campus events such as Commencement, Parents’ Weekend, and many others. Rev. Ebner referred to Gerety as “the salt of the earth,” for her tireless work to coordinate reunions, fund-raise, and oversee other events for thousands of Andover alumni over the past decade and a half. Mr. Herbst and his wife, Mrs. Herbst have taught French at Andover for over 34 years. Over this time, Mr. Herbst has created term abroad programs and a community service project in Lawrence, Mass., where his French 400 students tutor young Haitians in French, while learning Haitian culture from the older ones. Alex Campbell ’06 and Ali Holliday ’06 performed a short skit in French which portrayed Mr. Herbst’s enthusiasm. Holliday spoke about trips Mr. Herbst’s dedication, noting the trips he made to Boston or to a French bistro with his students. Sarah Gardner ’07 recited a poem she wrote that captured the character and values of her beloved teacher Mrs. Herbst. Gardner said that no other teacher had made her more comfortable with speaking and writing French. After graduating from here in 1961, Mr. Kalkstein studied at Princeton College and Yale University. He returned to the Academy to teach English in 1970. Mr. Kalkstein has also worked as the Varsity Girls Basketball coach for many years. “He brought a lot of personality to the Andover community. I don’t think the English Department will be the same without him,” said Kara Hollis ’07. Hollis and Rosie DuPont ’06 both joked about his “Bullwhip,” which he uses to threaten disobedient students when they are late for class. “But sometimes he would just give it a few whips for fun,” said DuPont of her so-called “encounters” with the whip. The All School Meeting ended with a heart-felt standing ovation for the retiring faculty members; they will be missed.