Raj Mundra Named Assistant Dean of CAMD

This week Raj Mundra, Instructor in Biology and house counselor in Rockwell Hall, was appointed the new Assistant Dean of Community and Multicultural Development (CAMD). He will lead the office with Linda Griffith, Dean of CAMD. Mr. Mundra has held a position as Interim Dean of CAMD since the beginning of the 2005-2006 academic year. Mrs. Griffith looks forward to working with Mr. Mundra further, and said, “In our first year of working together, I have appreciated [Mundra’s] ‘can-do’ attitude. He demonstrates relentless energy, diligence, and professionalism in all that he is passionate about. He brings a fresh perspective to the office and a collaborative spirit that is greatly appreciated.” In his latest role, Mr. Mundra will have several new responsibilities. He will work to strengthen ties between CAMD and PA’s academic and residential programs, as well as to develop multicultural programs for the community. He will be in the CAMD office every day to talk with students or other CAMD staff. Mr. Mundra will coordinate existing programs for the CAMD office. He will serve as the co-advisor to Community Awareness for Everyone (CAFE), which he described as “an exciting new club on campus that promotes honest dialogue and crosses various boundaries to engage the entire community on current issues on campus.” Mr. Mundra looks forward to learning more and engaging the community in “honest dialogue about diversity.” He said that “in appreciating and understanding ourselves and others, we move forward to reaching our ultimate goals of social justice and global peace. Working in the CAMD office consistently reminds me that those goals are central to our work here.” Before serving as Interim Dean of CAMD, Mr. Mundra was an active participant within many fields of the Andover community. Within CAMD, he has also worked as the International Student Coordinator. Elsewhere on campus, Mr. Mundra has spent time as a biology teacher, football, swimming, and lacrosse coach, faculty advisor to the IndoPak and International clubs, house counselor in Draper Cottage and Rockwell House, and an administrator with the International Academic Partnership (IAP). Before teaching at Phillips Academy, Mr. Mundra did graduate work at Brown University and then traveled throughout the world, teaching in Switzerland, New York City, and Mumbai, India. He later taught in Mombasa and Kenya as well. Mr. Mundra first came to Phillips Academy in 1991 as a teaching fellow in Biology. In 1996, Mr. Mundra returned to Andover as a full-time Instructor in Biology and IAP administrator.