On the Scene- With the Living Arts Team

On The Scene is back and fully loaded. Look here in future issues for The Phillipian’s scoop on upcoming PA events. It’s Asian Arts weeknd at Andover! The activities will be on Saturday, beginning with the Food Bazaar at 5:00. Quarters will make for a complete meal! At 7:15, the Talent and Fashion Show will go up in Kemper. This annual display of music, martial arts, and trends from the East promises to impress. At 8:30, The Asian Arts Dance will begin behind Sam Phil. Asian apparel is encouraged! To finish the evening, Memoirs of a Geisha will be screening at 9:00 in Kemper. Also on Saturday, world-renowned pianist Eugen Indjic ’65 will hold a masterclass in Timkin Room at 7:00. On Sunday, he will perform the Mozart Piano Concerto in C Minor at 3:00 in Cochran Chapel. Mr. Indjic was a prominent performer at Andover and continues astonishing audiences today. Friday’s Comedy Night will feature professional comedian Rob Paravonian and Andover’s own Billy Doyle ’05 in Tang Theatre at 8:30. The recent alum promises to deliver laughs that Andover students can all relate to. Drama Lab performances Small World and Wanda’s Visit, directed by Kate Iannarone ’08 and Lucas McMahon ’08, will go up in the theatre classroom, Friday Night at 6:45. On Sunday, On The Bench, directed by Nate Flagg ’07 will go up as an AIDS workshop option. Don’t miss out on the weekend’s activities. Be sure to e-mail us at or with questions, comments, concerns, and updates regarding the arts at Andover or anything else going on in the Boston area.