Senior Recital: Megan Evans

This past Sunday, Meg Evans ’06 performed the first senior recital of the year. The soprano wowed friends and family with her comprehensive repertoire and beautiful voice. Evans began voice lessons in the sixth grade, although she sang as an alto until her freshman year in high school. Then, a new chorus teacher tested the students to place them in a vocal part. Evans said, “He had us sing scales— he just kept going up until I hit a high D. I never knew I could do that.” During her lower year at Andover, Evans participated in Chorus, Cantata, and the spring performance of the operetta, Pirates of Penzance. She continued her voice lessons with Donald Wilkinson, Instructor in Music. “I had to quit it all upper year, because of the Phillipian, but I kept taking lessons,” said Evans. Although she no longer sang in any groups on campus, her voice did not regress from it. Thirteen different songs made up her recital. Starting out on a serious and classical note, Evans sang “Nymphs & Sheperds,” by Henry Purcell, an Italian song by Giuseppe Giordani, and finally “Come Unto Him,” by George Frideric Handel. The remainder of the afternoon’s entertainment came from an assortment of musicals including among others, My Fair Lady, Me and My Girl, The Music Man, and South Pacific. Skillfully accompanied on the piano by Christopher Walter, Instructor in Music, Evans showed great power and consistency throughout her performance. Most impressive was her breath support and range. “My favorite piece was ‘Not a Day Goes By.’ It’s written so that you can’t help as a performer, but keep really invested in the emotion,” said Evans. The song she mentioned was from Merrily We Roll Along, and was one of the most compelling pieces in the recital. The audience favorite was Evans’s closing number, “Honey Bun” from South Pacific. Admitting that the upbeat and comic song was her favorite to sing, Evans said, “It’s really bouncy and I can belt the whole thing so it’s always a joy.” Those who attended Meg Evans’ senior recital on Sunday left beaming. Her beautiful voice and careful choice of repertoire made for a successful performance. Although Evans admits that she has no plans for voice after Andover as of yet, those who have heard it can only hope that she keeps singing.