Spring of the Orient

Where might you find tricky goblins, sneaky wolves, colorful bookmarks, and apple kicking—all in the same place? Sorry. The correct answer is not a barge off the coast of Micronesia. All of these things and more were featured in Underwood Room and Kemper Auditorium on March 6th during Andover Korean/Andover Chinese Cultural Outreach’s (AKO/ACCO) Spring Festival. Wesley Mui ‘06 and Jasmin Baek ‘06 organized this year’s celebration. Mui, the coordinator of ACCO, said, “This is a tradition we have every year. [People] come here to celebrate the Spring Festival, a Chinese and Korean holiday. They’re here to celebrate it as a group.” The first half of the festival was devoted to arts and crafts, such as Chinese knotting, Korean and Chinese calligraphy, origami, and fan making. Explaining the knot making, Mui said “[These are] basically simple knots made into more complicated ones. The complicated knots are symbolic.” He showed examples such as the double happiness knot, a good luck charm resembling a dragon. Eddie Zhang ’09 and Chris Han ’07 led origami bookmark making. At their station, attendees learned how to make a unique triangular bookmark decorated with origami animals such as dogs, cranes and pigeons. Bowen Qiu ’09 and Lawrence Dai ’09 manned the Crayola station, where visitors choose between a spiral design, goblins, or fish to color in. “I feel that you can express yourself best in crayon. [This is] where I feel safe in my endeavors.” said Dai. Halfway through the festival, artists and crafters were directed from the Underwood Room into Kemper Auditorium. There, the show, emceed by Stephanie Teo and Jae Kyu Lee ’08, began with a Chinese rendition of “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.” Next, ACCO put on a skit called Lon Po Po, a story about three young girls and a wolf who impersonates their mother’s friend. Then, there were musical performances, with Henry Yin ’07 and Jean Pak ’07 playing traditional folk music from China on the violin and cello. Kwon-Yong Jin and Henry Wilkin ’09 continued the show, performing a traditional Korean song,