John Rogers Appointed As New Dean of Studies

As the new Dean of Studies, John E. Rogers will bring a different perspective to Andover’s curriculum, based on his experience as an Instructor in Chemistry and his involvement in various off-campus programs. Mr. Rogers will serve as the dean until the academic year 2012-2013. He replaces outgoing Dean Margarita R. O. Curtis, who was appointed as the fifty-fifth Head of School at Deerfield Academy earlier this year, a position she will assume in September. Mr. Rogers came to Phillips Academy as an Instructor in Physics in 1990. Since his arrival, he also taught chemistry and environmental science. As the first Head of the Natural Sciences division and the Co-chair of the Science Program Planning Committee, he played an integral role in the design and construction of the new Gelb Science Center. He has also served as a house counselor in four different dorms, and coached JV soccer and track. According to Dean of Faculty Temba Maqubela, Mr. Rogers was selected from a pool of four internal candidates, all of whom were well-qualified. “John has a rare combination of brilliance, vision, and diplomacy that is needed to guide us through the implementation of the academic program component of our very bold Strategic Plan,” Mr. Maqubela said. The new dean is also very excited for the position that awaits him. His highest priority is to help the school achieve the goals laid out in the October 2004 Strategic Plan, including recruiting talented students from every background and developing a support system to make students feel welcome in the PA community. “Of course, I consider John a friend, but when I look at him professionally, what strikes me most are his broad interests. As Dean of Studies, his work must bridge between disciplines, something he already does well in his own intellect,” said Chair of the English Department Jonathan Stableford ’63. As Dean of Studies, Mr. Rogers will have many responsibilities. Aside from coordinating the school’s academic program and curriculum, Mr. Rogers will work with other school officials to oversee the implementation of the Academy’s new Strategic Plan. He will also hold a position on the Senior Administrative Council. “The faculty are also discussing more individual projects as well as interdisciplinary work and other programs designed to generate open-mindedness in the student body, as well as a notion of what it means to be a global citizen that should accompany graduating students,” said Mr. Rogers. He also shared some thoughts on the issue of the pace of life. Mr. Rogers said, “While it is an issue which needs to be discussed by the entire faculty, I think they are certainly working towards making requirements less strenuous by consolidation. Earlier this year, Mr. Efinger and Mrs. Svec worked to combine German and Theater requirements into one class.” He and the faculty members are also considering reduction in non-academic requirements, so the Academy can open space during the day for individual work. Mr. Rogers hopes to incorporate different perspectives and methods to his new position based on his experiences, such as the five summers he spent in the Oceans program, where teachers conducted studies in the ocean with students.