Girls Lacrosse Holds Realistic Championship Hopes; Captains Wadland ’06 and Scott ’06 Lead Charge

Spring term brings anticipation and enthusiasm for the seventeen girls on the Varsity Lacrosse team—this year more than ever. Though last year’s team consisted of a strong line-up and tight dynamics, the overall record ended with 9 wins and 3 losses—less than impressive for the group. For the first time ever, sixteen girls traveled to Cocoa, Florida over break for spring training, providing extra preparation for the upcoming season. During the six days, with up to three two-hour sessions each day, the girls received valuable instruction from coaches Kate Dolan, Megan Harlan, and Martha Fenton. Focus centered on playing a smart mental game and quickly evaluating the game situation to make snap decisions in crucial plays. Practice of concepts such as crease defense, double-teaming, and cross-field passes also improved team play. In addition, conditioning and skill work presented a thorough refresher and warm-up for the spring season. Captains Tess Scott ’06 and Julie Wadland ’06 led the group by example with their unending intensity and passion, as well as with encouragement, guidance, and humor. Coach Dolan expressed gratitude toward the players for their effort during the trip, calling it a great success and something definitely worth continuing in upcoming years. Though not all team members traveled to Florida, each returned spring term eager to play. Both the promising new players that have made the team and the improvement among returnees will fill the gap left by the seven girls who graduated in 2005. New players include two post-graduates, Allyse Kennedy ’06 and Whitney Annicelli ’06, who will both be crucial to the team’s success this year. In Florida as well as in try-outs, the two proved to be powerhouses on offense with proficient stick-skills and fast, precisely placed shots. However, any shot would have trouble getting by Captain Wadland, who has held her position in the Varsity goal since her Junior year. She comments, “We’ll have to work on a lot—more so than other years.” These veterans are a group of diverse players including skilled offensive executor Carolyn Pollard ’07, strong voice on defense Karen Schoenherr ’07, and speedy midfield players Annie Boylan ’07 and Captain Scott. Future practices will aim to improve the weaknesses the coaches have observed in the dynamic of the team’s play. With high expectations from Dolan, Harlan, and Fenton, each player will sweat through practices to achieve personal and collective goals set for the season. The Varsity Lacrosse season will open with an away scrimmage against Duxbury High School this Saturday and continues next Wednesday against Middlesex.