Captain Wagman ’06 Leads Boys Tennis; Team Looks to Improve Postseason Performance

The Andover Boys Varsity Tennis team enters the 2006 campaign with a bit of unfinished business in mind. Last year, the team performed well in the regular season but failed to make any noise in the playoffs. Driven by the memory of this frustrating experience, Andover hopes for a more successful outcome this year, and its talented group of players could make that desire a reality. Returning from last year’s squad are six players, five of whom played in the top six last season. Led by Captain Dan Wagman ’06, these returners have all worked hard to improve their games in the past year and, with the addition of some new talent, promise to form a strong lineup that could contend for the league championship. Michael Li ’06 comes back for his fourth season on the team. He has played at the number one position for his first three years, where he has never failed to post a winning record. Li is ready for the season and recognizes the team’s considerable potential. At the same time, he is cautious about looking too far ahead. “We need to take our season one match at a time,” said Li. Captain Wagman also hopes to pursue this patient approach, and he seeks to develop a well-rounded team. Taking after fitness maven Captain Jon Weigel ’05, Captain Wagman values physical conditioning. He looks to help build his teammates’ stamina and strength, which are already at a high level. Wagman himself, is well conditioned, and he brings to the court an aggressive serve-and-volley style of play. He will lead a group of heavy hitters. Matt Schubert ’07, Andrew Chan ’08, and Foster Jebsen ’08 are the three other players who have previously spent time in the top six. Schubert was successful in the 2005 season and has improved since. He will look to become more consistent and strengthen his mental game throughout this year. Chan and Jebsen formed an impressive freshman duo last season that guided the team to several key victories. Chan’s powerful serve and penetrating topspin forehand are the most intimidating weapons in his arsenal. Jebsen has a powerful game as well. His competitive edge gives him a resiliency that is hard for other players to handle. He had an impressive run last season but was hampered by a left wrist injury that weakened his backhand. His wrist has fully recovered for this season, however, and his backhand is as strong as ever. Trey Meyer ’09 is a newcomer to the team. He has a versatile game with consistent ground strokes and estimable foot speed. Though the team is relatively young, the players have considerable experience, and Andover’s most potent asset will be its depth. The team’s biggest challenges will most likely come against perennial powerhouses Milton and Choate, and Andover will hope to overcome these opponents with lower-ladder victories.