Georgetown Revisited

Last week, The Phillipian editorial commended the hard work and good behavior of the 70 PA students who attended the North American Invitational Model United Nations Conference in Washington, D.C. It also expressed the desire of the student body to maintain these off-campus programs, and its belief in their educational merit. The behavior on the trip, however, was not quite as exemplary as we described: on the Friday that the previous editorial was released, a number of students were charged with drinking in Georgetown and faced the disciplinary action. Though we appealed to the administration to continue these programs and to recognize their value, we realize that the Academy now faces complicated decisions regarding other off-campus programs. We understand that it is difficult to have faith in any of the students because of their misbehavior while representing the school. The Phillipian thanks the community for its forbearance in light of recent events. We look forward to dealing with these issues in greater depth during the coming term. Thank you.