Girls Swimming Wraps Up Undefeated Campaign; Handily Wins Tri-Meet and Trounces Phillips Exeter

After finishing off their last two dual meets of the season this week, the Girls Varsity Swim team remains undefeated, leaving three teams whitewashed in their wake. Simultaneously, swimming against the Williston Northampton School and Convent of the Sacred Heart this past Saturday in a double dual meet, Andover decisively defeated both team. Andover beat Sacred Heart 69 to 33 and quadrupled Williston’s score, 82 to 19. On Wednesday, Andover battled against Exeter, emerging victorious, 114 to 72. Beginning the meet against Williston and Sacred Heart with a splash, Andover swept the first event, the 200 Free Relay, when Erika Roddy ’07, Salena Casha ’09, Greta Martin ’09, and Captain Katie Faulkner ’06, took first place, while the other relay team of Veronica Faller ’09, Tina Kit ’09, Janet Scognamiglio ’08, and Alyssa Hill ’06 barely out touched their opponents from Sacred Heart by 0.45 to take second. Sacred Heart struck back in the next event, the 200 Free, barely beating Sisi Ruan ’07 at the finish. Roddy trailed close on their heels, finishing in third by less than a second. In the 200 IM, Casha took first and in the 50 Free, Hill finished first while Scognamiglio placed third. Rachel Reinauer ’07 dived into second place, just leaping 0.80 points ahead of her competitor. Carly Villareal ’07 and Kelly Chang ’07 both had personal best times as they finished second and third for the 100 Fly. In the 100 Free, Roddy barely hit the wall ahead of her rival to earn first place, while Hill quickly followed in third, out touching her adversary by less than a tenth of a second. Captain Faulkner had a very close first place finish in the 500 Free, doggedly outlasting her opponent to the wall. In the 200 yard relay, the team of Ruan, Casha, Hill, and Roddy blasted past the horde for first place. Despite solid swims, the other relay team consisting of Villareal, Abby Levene ’09, Eliza Burns ’06, and Scognamiglio was barely out touched by Williston. Casha and Faller attacked the next event, the 100 Back, with a vengeance, sweeping right past the pack and taking first and second. In the 100 Breast, Ruan cruised into third while Devon Zimmerling ’07, swimming breaststroke for the first time this season, drove hard into the wall 0.02 seconds before the trailing swimmer. Andover finished on a strong note with Villareal, Scognamiglio, Ruan, and Captain Faulkner placing first in the 400 Free Relay. During the meet on Wednesday against Exeter, Andover also started strong, with Roddy, Casha, Annie Glancy ’09, and Hill winning the 200 Free Relay. Captain Faulkner took second in the 200 Free while Glancy, Scognamiglio, and Ella Kidron ’08 went second, third, and fourth in the 200 IM. Andover swept the 50 Free, with Hill, Roddy, and Ruan getting one-two-three, all going under 26 seconds. In diving, Reinauer took first and Elizabeth Finnegan ’06 placed third. The 100 Fly was a success with Glancy and Martin surpassing the mob to place first and second. Next, Ruan sailed in for first in the 100 Free. In the 500 Free, Captain Faulkner barely prevailed against her contender for first while Villareal cruised in at third. Roddy, Hill, Captain Faulkner, and Ruan rapidly raced past the rabble in the 200 Free Relay for the first place. In the 100 Back, Faller out touched her opponent for second and Casha, Kidron, and Kit went second, third, and fourth in the 100 Breast. Finally, the 400 Free Relay team of Roddy, Faulkner, Casha, and Ruan finished the meet with a first place finish. Ending their season undefeated, the Girls Varsity Swim team’s only challenge left is on March 4th when they brawl it out with all the other schools in the league at the New England Championships.