Girls Squash Overpowers Brooks; Middlesex and Exeter Are Too Much to Handle

Carolyn Brown 09’s five game win was not enough to propel Andover to victory against Middlesex as the Girls Varsity Squash team lost 4-3 in the first match of a road doubleheader on Saturday. The team rebounded with vigor, cruising to a 6-1 victory over Brooks in its second contest of the afternoon. On Wednesday, number one player Captain Ali Zindman ’07 had the only victory, as Andover fell 6-1 to Phillips Exeter Academy. Andover entered its match against Middlesex at a disadvantage, missing both Captain Zindman and number six player Lucretia Witte ’06. In all likelihood, their presence would have brought Andover the victory. The highlight of the afternoon was Brown’s match at number three. She was playing two positions higher than usual because of the lineup changes. The circumstances pitted her against a Middlesex player who had previously held the number one spot but had fallen in the rankings because of illness. Brown was not intimidated by her opponent’s track record, however, and elevated the level of her play. The match started out with the momentum going back and forth, and Brown’s opponent jumped to a 2-1 lead in games. But Brown made some changes that sparked a comeback. “She adjusted to the fact that the girl was hitting almost exclusively cross-courts,” said Coach Tom Hodgson. She triumphed in the fourth and fifth games and secured a personal victory. She played especially well at the very end. “It was a battle, and [Brown] played beautifully,” said Coach Hodgson. “She played as good a match as I’ve seen her play all season.” In Andover’s second match of the day, Diana Willson ’07 led the 6-1 charge past Brooks. Both Captain Zindman and Witte remained on the sideline, but the team was able to overcome their absence. Willson had the most entertaining match in the victory over Brooks, playing up one spot at number one. “[Willson played] a good athlete and a decent player. It was a good win for her because she has had to make the jump from being at the bottom of the ladder last year [to being near the top this season],” said Hodgson. On Wednesday, Andover fell on the road to rival Exeter for the second time this season. The score this time was 6-1, much more decisive than the previous 4-3 loss. Captain Zindman provided the only victory. Though her first two game scores were closer than expected, she easily closed out the third game for a 3-0 win. Exeter’s home court advantage certainly factored in the result, as its courts are made from a different material than Andover’s. “The courts were very hot and very lively. [The players] had to slow the ball down to get it to die in the back,” said Hodgson. Andover went down at all other spots, but Witte’s match at number six was the closest of the losses. She pushed her opponent to five games but lost 9-3 in the final game. Her powerful serve, as always, helped her control the points. Elsewhere, Exeter vastly outplayed Andover. “[Exeter] served better and had better length,” said Hodgson. The team prepares for Interschols this coming weekend.