Girls Hockey Notches Two Dominant Victories; Coffey ’07, Shea ’07 Lead Team’s Powerful Offense

The New Hampton goalie struggled in last Friday’s game as Andover walked away with a 7-2 win. Megan Shea ’07 skated an unbelievable game with three assists and one goal. Olivia Coffey ’07 put Andover on the board first with 13:24 remaining in the first period. With 10.1 seconds flashing on the clock, Jamie Harisiades ’08 scored for an exhilarating finish to the period. The second period was uneventful, as Lindsey Weiner ’08 was the only player to score for the Big Blue. New Hampton however, managed to raise the score by one with 39.3 seconds remaining, making it 3-1. In the final period, Andover was untouchable, scoring four goals, three within a minute and a half within each other. With 12:54 remaining Ale Moss ’07 scored, followed by Shea’s goal with 6:56, Weiner’s goal 29 seconds later, and Coffey’s goal with 5:33 remaining in the period. New Hampton successfully slipped in a final goal off of a power play towards the end of the period. Going into Wednesday’s game against Tabor Academy, Katelyn Foley ’08 commented, “the locker room was a bit more solemn than usual; people knew that it was going to be a really good game.” Good is an understatement, as the Big Blue played phenomenally, earning a 5-2 victory. Unsurprisingly, Coffey once again sparked the Andover flame with her rebound goal off of Co-Captain Melissa Tetreau’s ’06 shot mid-way through the first period. Shea found the back of the net second, followed by Co-Captain Tetreau. No more than six seconds after Co-Captain Tetreau’s goal, Lindsey Moramarco ’06 scored the fourth goal. The play was flawless. Tabor gained possession after the face-off, but Moramarco advanced on her opponent, stealing the puck and, with her backhand, swept the puck past the goalie. Co-Captain Julie Wadland ’06 notched the final goal from the blue line. Stephanie Clegg ’08 noted, “She has one of the hardest and fastest shots I have ever seen, and it just went right into the top corner of the net.”Although the score does not reflect it, Tabor proved tough competition. Numerous instances throughout the game, goalie Ansley LaHue ’06, carried the pressure of the opponents solely on her shoulders. Foley praised, “She was phenomenal, nothing was getting past her.” At one instance, a Tabor player had a breakaway and made a clean, fast shot at the goal. Immediately, LaHue extended her glove and caught the puck. The victory over Tabor was enormous for Andover, and the team aims to maintain its momentum against Brewster Academy this Friday.