Mozart’s 250th Birthday – Friday

To start off the hour and a half performance came Instructor in Music Allen Combs, singing four pieces. With a loud, strong voice and enthusiastic facial expressions, Mr. Combs captivated the crowd from the beginning. Next came the oboe, bassoon, and clarinet trio, featuring Instructors in Music Charlyn Bethell, Margo McGowan, and Neil Fairbain. Their gentle music flowed from emotion to emotion: whimsical, reflective, happy. Mr. Fairbairn’s face never displayed one feeling for long – his expressions followed the music, adding to the completely authentic air and connecting the musicians with the notes that they played. Instructor in Music Barbara Kilduff-O’Farrell came next, also singing four pieces. For many, she was the highlight of the evening. “The soprano [Ms. Kilduff-O’Farrell] really captivated the crowd with her lovely singing voice and enthusiastic disposition,” said Lindsay Maroney ’07. Ms. Kilduff-O’Farrell’s voice was captivating, her clothes were “eccentric,” and her presentation was a mix between a play and a recital, according to Maroney. With her enthusiastic facial expressions, movement across the stage, and theatrical performance, Ms. Kilduff-O’Farrell’s show was a “cross between theater and song,” said Colleen Cronin, ’07. After the intermission, the final act of the night commenced. It featured a violin, viola, cello, and piano quartet composed of Instructors in Music Roksana Sudol, Holly Barnes, Elizabeth Aureden, and Christopher Walter. The quartet was the perfect end to the evening. Like the other acts, emotions flowed through the musicians’ fingertips and into the audience, enthralling the viewers and setting in motion a tune that ended the evening explosively. The recital was a wonderful exposition of our faculty’s talent. It is truly a pleasure to watch teachers performing their most skilled passions.