The Crazed Christian

There was a time, when being a good Christian meant turning the other cheek, loving your neighbor, and forgiving his transgressions. But in America, just as in the Middle-East, extremists have hijacked religion. Extremists like Pat Robertson hold views so far to the right that it is hard to see how he calls himself a Christian. It seems that just like Bin Laden and his extremist Islamic cohorts, Pat Robertson and his buddies have forgotten the bases of their religion and the reason for its creation. Being Christian is not about how often you go to Church, how loud your God-praising voice is, or how much money you send to Pat. Being Christian is about treating each other with respect, loving each person as you love yourself, and acting for the greater good of humanity. However, in America today, Christian love is not what Christian leaders are talking about. Instead, they are talking money, power, and politics. But then again, Christian leaders aren’t who they once where. Today, Televangelicals rule the Christian world. They are broadcasters that interpret the Bible to fit their political needs. What do they want? They want creationism in school, the legalization of discrimination, and an end to secularism. To top it off, they have the audacity to paint Christ as a conservative. Can you imagine Jesus Christ-a hawk? The saying goes “Love thine enemy,” not “defeat thine enemy by any means necessary.” The scariest part is that Pat Robertson decides to feed Americans his crap on his holy spoon and some Americans open their mouths. In the past year Ariel Sharon has taken unprecedented steps towards achieving peace in the Middle East. Despite intense pressure from conservatives in his own party, Sharon forced the removal of Jewish settlements throughout the West Bank This policy reversal could potentially mollify the Israeli-Palestine conflict. In order to push forth his agenda, Sharon had to leave the Likud party he helped create, and fight tooth and nail so that the impoverished Palestinian nation could take back their land. He should be hailed as a hero. However, when Sharon had a near fatal stroke that has in all likelihood ended his political career, Pat Robertson suggested that it was divine punishment. Last Thursday, on his show “The 700 Club”, Robertson criticized Sharon for “dividing God’s land” and that “for any prime minister of Israel who decides he is going to carve it up and give it away, God says, `No, this is mine.’” What is worrisome is not that Pat may be a coot, but that people actually look up to him as a religious leader. With seven different organizations to his name, including the Christian Broadcasting Network, Robertson can confidently say that he is the “leading Christian voice”. In fact, he was able to gather so much support that he actually ran for president in ’88 elections. So, when this idiot decides to preach his filth, people are listening, and they believe him. This invokes yet another question- who is choosing the leaders of the Christian movement in America today? Why is it that Americans have elected these idiots as the leaders of Christianity? Men who have only read one Book, and clearly didn’t read it very well; men who are more likely to be found at a KKK meeting than a peace rally. These are supposed to be Christian leaders! Its time that Christians take back Christianity with men like Jimmy Carter, who have dedicated their lives to promoting Christian love, not a political agenda. Or better yet, Christians should listen primarily to a man like the Pope, who is actually elected to interpret the Bible the Christian way! Not Catholic? We’ve got Bishops! So go to Church, open your Bible, and for God’s sake don’t let Pat convince you that Jesus would have supported the War in Iraq.