Lowers Notch Goals Against St. Paul’s; Girls Hockey Drops One to Lawrence

Three Lowers scored their first goals of the season to lead Andover to a 10-2 defeat of St. Paul’s on Saturday. On Wednesday, Andover went down to a tough Lawrence Academy team 2-4. Against St. Paul’s, Assistant Coach Odden advised the team to “Come out strong,” and the girls did not disappoint. Co-Captain Melissa Tetreau ’06 led the way with a hat trick. The third line of Lowers Jamie Harisiades ’08, Lindsey Weiner ’08, and Nancy Ann Little ’08 scored for the first time of the season. St. Paul’s scored both its goals in the third period, when Andover had the game well in hand. Defenseman Megan Monteclavo ’06 commented, “There were constant penalties [in the third period]. We were down a man almost the entire period.” Stephanie Clegg ’08 was given two penalties for body checking and high sticking. Co-Captain Julie Wadland ’06 was penalized for forgetting to wear a mouth guard during play. Normally, this mistake receives no more than a warning from the referee, and the player leaves the ice until he or she gets a mouth guard. Co-Captain Wadland, however, endured a seven-and-a-half minute penalty. Also, a St. Paul’s player fell on top of goalie Joy Joung ’07, keeping her from guarding the goal and allowing another opponent to score. Usually, this goal would not count because the goalie was handicapped while the St. Paul’s players were in the crease when the goal was scored. Despite the harsh referee calls, Andover easily pulled away with the win. Unfortunately, Andover did not have the same success against Lawrence Academy. “It was a big game for us, and they were a tough team,” Joung commented as Andover came up shorthanded, losing the game 4-2. Lawrence’s speed on the ice and control of the puck were too much for the Andover defense to handle. It seemed impossible to get the puck out of Andover’s defensive zone. Andover entered the game prepared to avenge last year’s loss. Although Olivia Coffey ’07 put Andover on the board first with a goal in the first period, Lawrence did not hesitate to take revenge. By the third period, Andover trailed 3-1. Weakened by many unfavorable penalties and an inability to control the puck, Andover suffered from frustration and lost focus. In between periods, Co-Captain Wadland and Co-Captain Tetreau advised the team to calm down and “stop panicking.” Lindsey Moramarco ’06 scored Andover’s second goal in the beginning of the third period, but Lawrence immediately retaliated to raise its lead to 4-2. This loss was a major disappointment for the team. However, Andover is ranked sixth in the league and still in the running for the playoffs.