Lokitis ’06 Scores 34 to Beat Milton; Boys Basketball Reaches .500 Mark

Captain Joey Lokitis ’06 scored 34 points and grabbed six rebounds to propel Andover to an 84-59 victory over Milton on Friday and then led the team to an impressive 71-56 win over Tabor on Saturday. Against Milton, Chris Bramwell ’07 and Will Sherrill ’07 supported Captain Lokitis’s domination, scoring 15 and 14 points respectively. Bramwell also played a tremendous all-around game, adding seven rebounds and seven assists to the Andover offense. Reserves Brendan Gallagher ’06 and Tom Tassinari ’06 came into the game and gave a strong performance to keep Milton from getting back into the game. Steve Loeffler ’07, to the delight of the packed stands, also joined the scorers by making the final bucket of the game for Andover. While discussing Andover’s recent success, Captain Lokitis said, “I am really impressed with the team’s play, especially against Tabor, which had been our Achilles heel the past couple years. I believe, though, that we haven’t played our best yet.” Andover’s encore for its effort against Milton was equally impressive against a much more talented Tabor squad. Captain Lokitis scored 25 points and added eight rebounds to lead the team. Matt Silva ’07, Bramwell, and Sherrill all scored in double figures for Andover. In the second half, Tabor applied a full-court press on Andover in an effort to force turnovers. Point guard Bryan Lee ’06 was able to break the press and create countless open shots for his teammates. Lee finished the game with four big assists and added six points of his own. Andover played great transition defense as Tabor tried to push the ball up court towards the end of the game. Blake Hinckley ’06 and Sherrill provided the tough defense necessary to secure the Andover victory. Saturday’s win made an impressive streak of four straight victories for Andover. Bramwell, who put up 15 points in each game this weekend, said, “I am very happy about the streak, but I believe we can still play better. We definitely have a tough next few games and I think we still need to improve in order to continue our success.”