Talented Girls Hocky Team Returns Ten Letter-Winners From Last Year

The Andover Girls Varsity Hockey team is one of the most talented groups Andover has seen in years. After last year’s disappointing finish, Co-Captains Julie Wadland ’06 and Melissa Tetreau ’06 plan to lead the team to qualify for this year’s New England tournament in the post-season. Tryouts were particularly competitive this year, as only thirteen athletes made the cut, ten of whom are returners. Two freshmen, Alissa Fromkin ’09 and Kaitlyn McInnis ’09, add new depth to the team. McInnis plays defense with Stephanie Clegg ’08, and already the duo has been unstoppable. Fromkin, a goalie, has already had tremendous success in her career, competing at the top level on various teams. Joy Joung ’07, another newcomer, is also a goalie. With returning goalie Ansley LeHue ’06, the Andover girls have three experienced goalies and the upper hand against the competition defensively. Improving immensely from last year, returning player Lindsey Weiner ’08 established herself as a threatening presence in pre-season play. Offensive powerhouses Olivia Coffey ’07 and Megan Shea ’07 also performed exceptionally well in the preseason and look to uphold last year’s high standard. The incredible speed of Co-Captain Wadland, makes her a crucial asset to the team’s first line. Co-Captain Tetreau, is one of the team’s top scorers. Abandoning her last year’s post as defenseman to become a forward, she joins Co-Captain Wadland and right wing Lindsey Moramarco ’06 on the front line. Co-Captain Wadland commented about the league competition, “It’s just going to come down to who wants it more, because the skill level looks pretty even throughout all the teams.” Coach Fenton has done an outstanding job coaching the team in past years and continues to do so. Wadland said, “She sets up her expectations for the season at the beginning, and she expects the team to take the reins.” Co-Captain Tetreau noted, “Our chemistry is our biggest asset right now. The better you get along with your teammates, the more fun you have on the ice and the more successful the season.” So far, Andover has dominated the competition, with a winning record of 5-1, the only loss being to Taft 1-0. On Wednesday, the team came off an excellent game against Governor Dummer Academy, winning 2-0, behind goals by Megan Monteclavo ’06 and Lindsay Moramarco ’06.