Mrs. Chase Appoints English Professor Michael Strysick To Replace Theresa Pease as Director of Communications

Michael Strysick, Director of Communications and adjunct professor in English at Wake Forest University, has been appointed the new Director of Communications at Andover. Mr. Strysick began work at Phillips Academy on November 14 on a part-time basis. He will begin working at Andover full-time on January 1, 2006. According to The Andover Gazette, Head of School Barbara Landis Chase said, “Michael [Strysick] brings to his position experience both as a faculty member and in communications. He receives high praise from those who have worked with him, and he is very enthusiastic about joining the Andover community. I feel very fortunate on behalf of the school that Michael [Strysick] will be joining us.” Mr. Strysick will report directly to Mrs. Chase and will also be a member of the Dean’s Council. He will have two offices, one in George Washington Hall and the other in Abbot Hall, the current location of the Office of Communications. Associate Head of School Rebecca Sykes said, “Given my work on parent communications, I will be especially happy to have him [Mr. Strysick] here to help us consider and implement new initiatives such as creating a parent portal to the intranet.” The Communications Office is responsible for the production of The Andover Gazette, a weekly newsletter for Andover’s faculty and staff. The Communications Office also maintains the “Newsroom” section of Andover’s website. Ms. Sykes said, “The Director of Communications is responsible for getting Phillips Academy’s core messages out to our many constituencies.” Theresa Pease is currently Andover’s Interim Director of Communications Operations. She has held the position since the departure of the previous director, Sharon Britton, last December. Ms. Pease will continue to work in the Communications Office when Mr. Strysick assumes his post. Andrew Gully, former Managing Editor of the Boston Herald, has assisted the Academy with press relations. Mr. Strysick has a Bachelor of Arts in art history and philosophy from the University of Minnesota. He also has an M.A. in philosophy and a doctorate in philosophy of comparative literature from the University of New York -Binghamton. Before working in communications, Strysick was an English professor at Wake Forest University, Davidson College, Kent State University, the University of Wisconsin, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of New York -Binghamton. Andover conducted a thorough interview process to find the appropriate person to become the next Director of Communications. Ms. Sykes said, “We sought someone with experience in communications and an understanding of school environments, as well as someone who is flexible and adaptable.”