Board of Trustees Discusses Finances and Honors Alumni

This past weekend the Phillips Academy Board of Trustees assembled to discuss Andover’s academic program proposals, budget, and proposed renovations of Commons and the Addison Gallery. The Board approved and voted to initiate fundraising for a fourth, more cost-effective Commons renovation plan. The four contemplated Commons plans range from a renovation-only plan costing approximately $20.7 million to a $49.9 million plan for an extensive expansion. The plan adopted, Option C, is a compromise. The estimated cost is $40 million. If no one donates an $8 million naming gift, the Academy will employ the less expensive Option B, which would not include the construction of an east pavilion. The Trustees also approved the hiring of an architectural firm to consider the expansion of the Addison Gallery of American Arts. Another issue discussed was Andover’s energy expenses. The Academy has already exceeded its initial budget estimate for the 2005 fiscal year. This is because last year the school spent more money than anticipated on energy expenses and faculty severance packages. Forced to dip into reserve funds last year, the Academy has planned alterations to this year’s budget to ensure that expenditure will not exceed the financial boundaries for the 2006 fiscal year. These plans include an energy conservation initiative, efforts to maximize the school’s revenue, and a new early retirement plan for faculty. The Board also discussed the future of the International Academic Partnership (IAP), the Strategic Plan, and the advising reports from the Task Forces. Alumni discussed the launch of a new mentoring website on BlueLink, Andover’s online alumni community. This feature would enable young alumni to receive career advice from other PA graduates. At a dinner on Friday, October 28, the President of the Board of Trustees Oscar Tang ’56 toasted Richard Goodyear ’59 on the end of his 16-year tenure as a member of the Board. Phillips Academy presented five faculty members with teaching foundations at the dinner. Dean of Faculty Temba Maqubela and the Dean of Studies Margarita Curtis presented Instructor in Physics Clyfe Beckwith with the Richard J. Stern Instructorship, Instructor in English Catherine Tousignant ’88 with the Elizabeth Rogers Instructorship, Instructor in Art Stephen Wicks with the Samuel Harvey Taylor Foudation, Instructor in Spanish Emilio Mozo with the Garrigues Class of 1915 Foundation, and Instructor in English Craig Thorn with the Emilie Beld Cochran Teaching Foundation. On Saturday, October 29, Betty and Richard Lindsay ’48, Barry C. Phelps ’49, Deborah Troemner ’49, Tamara Rogers ’70, and David J. Winton II ’71 received Distinguished Service Awards. Following the award presentations, the Academy acknowledged those with lifetime donations to the school totaling over $1 million. These benefactors were Walter Haydock ’71, Kuni and Michael Schmertzler ’70, Stephanie and Alfred Shuman ’57, W.R. Timken Jr ’56, and the Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation. These names will be added to the Benefactors’ Wall in George Washington Hall.