Volleyball Number One in New England, PA 3-0 against Exeter and New Hampton

Over the past week, the Girls Varsity Volleyball team has improved its record to 8-0 in league play with wins against New Hampton and Exeter, thanks in large part to the hitting of Captain Jackie Price ’06 and the serving of Caroline Levin ’06. On Saturday, Andover took on New Hampton in a rematch of last week’s game in which Andover slaughtered New Hampton 2-0. Again, Andover recorded a shutout, this time 3-0 with Captain Price leading the way with 11 kills while hitting 25 for 30. Then on Wednesday, Andover met up with Exeter at home for the season’s first real match between the two teams (they met in a scrimmage at the beginning of the season). Andover dominated, 3-0, with the help of 15 kills from Sarah Thomas ’06. In the first game against New Hampton, the two teams played an even game until Levin, on her second chance at serving in the game, went on a seven point streak, which included four aces, to put Andover up 16-10. New Hampton managed to get back to 18-19 but were put right back down by the offense of Price and Thomas. Andover went on to win 30-23. After winning a close first game, Andover broke out and put New Hampton away easily in games two and three with scores of 30-13 and 30-18, respectively to win the match 3-0. Price led the team in kills with 11, hitting 25 for 30, serving seven for seven, recording one ace and two stuff blocks. As always, Cassidy Carpenter ’08 led the team in assists with 28. She also had the most aces, totaling seven, while serving 16 for 18. On Wednesday the Andover women hosted Exeter, whom they beat routinely, 30-22, 30-22, and 30-26. This was a match that saw a lot of hitting. Thomas led the team with 15 kills and Price and Levin both had seven. Levin also began the match with a 5-0 serving run to put Andover up early. Fox went for 11 kills, four of which were from the back row. She also had a huge impact up front with tips. Carpenter had 36 assists and three kills, a great accomplishment for a setter. There were 46 total kills and only four missed serves in the entire match by Andover. After facing some tough opponents at the beginning of the season, Volleyball should continue to have success during the remainder of the fall. Said Beckwith, “We’re looking good because we’ve beaten teams that have beaten everybody else already.”