The Coolest Room on Campus

You walk into a haven of style and sense. Vintage posters, old album covers, and books surround you. Such class and taste can only be found in… a dorm room? Daniel Bacon ’06 and Charles Frentz ’06 have managed to turn a simple three-room double in Taylor Hall into a retreat from the trial and tribulations of life at Andover. With a few vintage details and some comfy chairs, a simple room becomes a sanctuary. As Bacon said, the advantage to the room is that “it feels like home.” Furthermore, they have not indulged in the more gaudy details that some use to beautify their rooms. The most colorful piece is a demure rug, which blends into the color scheme of the room, Bacon said, “We keep it classy. We don’t have flashy stuff.” They try not to keep it casual, despite the sophisticated details. Bacon said, “It’s serious, but we keep it light.” One example of this is a “C is for Cookie” album mixed in with the more refined jazz and classical ones. The mix of their personalities creates an atmosphere that is both stylish and comfortable. The desks have sleek leather chairs that are extremely cozy. Frentz says of his roommate, “His room is more stylish. It is more modern.” Bacon’s single room is bright and inviting with posters of contemporary cartoon classics, such as South Park. Of his own taste, Frentz says, “I am more classic.” Some elegant pieces in Frentz’s room include old Harvard and Andover banners, original framed Elvis posters, and a vintage lamp. In their common room, Bacon and Frentz’s styles blend together. Of their favorite features, Frentz says, “I love the fireplace.” They have accessorized this throwback feature nicely, with a framed painting and a model sailboat. One practical aspect of the common room is the back-to-back desk setup. While Bacon says this feature “is mostly practical,” it helps to add a sense of symmetry. In front of these joint desks are two armchairs, turned slightly to the side. This further accentuates the room’s balance. Another creative aspect of the room is the abundance of natural light. Bacon advises, “Don’t rely on the lights. It makes the room look worse.” Frentz agrees, “We definitely have a thing against overhead lights.” While they have made creative and clever adjustments to the space, Bacon and Frentz did have a lot to work with from the beginning. A three-room double is obviously better than a one-room or even a two-room double. Moreover, the room is large, even for a three-room double. Bacon said, “It’s a massive room. And it has high ceilings. The ceilings must be about ten feet high.” Overall, the contest judges were impressed by the study-like and tranquil quality that the room possessed. While the judges saw many interesting and creative dorm rooms, Bacon and Frentz’s managed to be the best blend of uniqueness and comfort.