Field Hockey Defeats Brooks; Drops Game to St. Mark’s, Offense Struggles to Produce

The Varsity Field Hockey team added another win, and its first loss, to the book this week. The team defeated Brooks on Monday afternoon and barely losing to St. Mark’s on Wednesday. Goaltender Ale Moss ’07 played particularly well. Moss made multiple saves and allowed only one goal in both games (the first any team has scored against her all season). On Monday, the team was anticipating a very competitive game against last year’s league champion, Brooks. Andover, however, was not intimidated. This was apparent when Carolyn Pollard ’07 shocked the Brooks defense. Pollard scored her first goal of the season (assisted by Britney Van Valkenburg ’08) in the first five minutes of the game. Throughout the first half, Andover played a very strong game. The offense was led by Lindsay Moramarco ’06. Brooks dominated possession time, and Andover did not play as aggressively as its competitor. However, Brooks was unable to capitalize on any of the opportunities presented to it. Due in part to this lucky break, Andover’s defense was able to regain some strength and prevent the force-field of Brook’s offense from scoring. After a pretty threatening second half, Andover managed to slip away with the 1-0 shut-out victory. Wednesday’s game, however, did not yield such promising results. The team’s struggles began in the first half, and Andover just could not pull its game together. The team did not perform up to its usual standards, and St. Mark’s took advantage of Andover’s weak play and scored early in the first half. The rest of the half was not much better from Andover’s perspective. The team played inconsistently and frantically and the half was characterized by total St. Mark’s control. However, after a half-time pep talk from Head Coach Kate Dolan, Andover came back out on the field like a different team. The team out-hustled St. Mark’s and really took charge of the game. Andover ran into problems on offense, though. Despite many shots on goal, it just could not find the back of the net. Whitney Annicelli ’06 said,