Double Feature Friday

Levitation, love, and a psychotic telephone operator. Last Friday’s two theater classrooms brought laughs of all sorts to the stage. “Patter for the Floating Lady,” directed by Dan Adamsky ’06, was the first of the double feature. Eli Grobeo ’09, the star of “Patter,” described the play as a “dark comedy about love, jealousy and longing.” He admitted afterwards to having been nervous as he performed the illusion of levitating Carolina Marion ’08 off of the ground. Throughout the play Grobeo hopelessly attempted to show Marion his love by giving her the freedom of levitation. However, his attempts proved fruitless. Mary Krome ’09 brought her back to down to earth. The set was sparse and somewhat confusing. It consisted of pure darkness and black wooden boxes which were used to lift Marion off of the ground. As a result, the drama depended heavily on the four actors. While the actors were indeed able to portray the emotions of the play, additional props and scenery could have contributed to its clarity. “Parisian Operator,” directed by Nick Gordon ’08, followed the first play. In the vein of Monty Python comedy, it kept the audience laughing from start to finish. Lilli Stein ’07 played a psychotic English telephone operator working in Paris. Accompanied by sidekick Andrew Yankes ’08, the two ended up tossing a delivery boy through a window after listening in on a telephone conversation between the play’s other two characters, Hannah Weiss ’08 and Sarah Kelly ’08. Filled with comical stunts, hilarious accents, and witty lines, “Parisian Operator” kept the air light. The scenery established the setting well, the actors exhibited great chemistry, and they shared their fun with the audience. Gordon said that he chose these actors because of their “crazy energy.” He chose well. With different moods, the two plays complimented each other, and delivered a full spectrum of emotions last Friday night.