Picture Uploads Temporarily Down Due to Summer PAnet Renovation

With the creation over the summer of for high school students, photo sharing over the Internet reached a new level of popularity at Andover. However, students returned to campus to find that they were unable to upload pictures to or from the Internet through the PA network. The inability to upload pictures on PAnet was an unintentional byproduct of the network’s extensive reconstruction over the summer. Director of Technology and Telecommunications Valerie Roman said, “We just learned…that some people couldn’t upload pictures to off-campus sites. I had our network people put out a message in Campus News…to say that they are looking at the problem and trying to fix it and are trying to figure out why it’s been happening. She stressed, “Whatever was done was not intentional. We upgraded our network over the summer and are currently changing internet service providers. Somehow through the changes something has happened. We don’t know why but we are trying to fix it.” During summer vacation the school network was renovated to make it faster and more advanced. At the opening of school, several students complained about the difficulty of getting connected to the campus. Techmaster Victor Kim ’06 said, “There’s already been countless numbers of people who’ve complained that their Internet does not work.” The Technology and Telecommunications Department is currently work to fix the problem, so that students can begin uploading pictures again.