New Publicity Department Resolves Theater Advertising Chaos

The Theatre Department is introducing a new division this fall: Publicity. In previous years individual directors organized the advertising for their own productions. The Publicity Department aims to take the burden of advertisement off of directors and add organization to the chaotic mix of posters of previous years. As well, they hope this new division will convey knowledge about theater events more effectively than in past years. Jess White ’07 will head the new Publicity division. White’s aim is that advertising will “unify the theater department.” Instructor in Theatre Mark Efinger will aid the Publicity division in this endeavor. White and Mr. Efinger have been exchanging ideas in hopes of creating successful advertisements. As of now, posters, flyers and emails are the main elements of publicity. Said White, “We will do whatever we can within the boundaries.” Rules prohibit the posting of signs on doors; however, the department is working around this obstacle by looking for new and creative ways to convey information, such as the use of banners. Student Theatre Producers Emma Dorsey ’06 and Danny Silk ’07 are also collaborating with White. Along with White and Mr. Efinger, Silk and Dorsey hope to assemble a team of publicists as soon as possible. The department will consist of three main groups. A plot director will think up slogans and catch phrases. Photo directors will be in charge of taking and formatting pictures. Finally, the layout director will format the advertisements. These separate sections aim to divide work according to strengths, so that no single person will be responsible for an entire production’s publicity. Additionally, the division of work will allow performance-specific advertising to be released efficiently. In terms of a timeframe, White hopes that everything will come together after Parents’ Weekend. She said, “Our ultimate goal right now is to have a high functioning team for Grasshopper Night.” A Publicity Department for the year’s numerous productions will dramatically help inform those who are not involved in Theater. Last year there was an attempt to regulate advertising that ultimately failed due to a lack of cooperation. However, with a fresh start, better organization, and notice prior to performances and auditions, the new Publicity Department looks well set to help more people discover the wonderful world of PA Theater this year.