Lasman ’06, Witte ’06 Embark on College Process

Seniors enter the academic year with many responsibilities – planning a club meeting, captaining a sports team, looking out for the underclassmen – but college applications usually rank first in many Seniors’ thoughts. Ben Lasman ’06 and Lucretia Witte ’06 are no different. Lasman, already well into the college application process, said, “I have so far put together a list of different schools I’m interested in. I promised myself to only apply to schools I would love and be really enthusiastic about. I don’t have to worry about going to a school I may not like.” Lasman plays guitar, bass, drums, trombone, and piano and is a member of Under the Bed, the school improvisational acting troupe. He is also Co-Editor-in-Chief of the student literary magazine The Courant. His community projects PALs and Theatre Troop reflect his interest in writing and theatre. Although undecided about his major, Lasman wants to continue to write and play music in college. He took a creative writing class for four weeks as part of the Columbia Pre-college Summer Program, living in a dormitory and experiencing life as a Columbia student. Lasman is considering applying early decision to Columbia. At the conclusion of the Columbia summer program, Lasman traveled to the Midwest to visit the University of Chicago and Northwestern University. “Most of the schools I’m looking at are located in cities. I just really like the busy atmosphere where there is a lot to do,” said Lasman. “Going to a school in the city will also allow me to carry on what I’m doing now in music and writing.” Lasman’s parents have taken a hands-off approach to their son’s college search. “They want me to do what’s best for me,” said Lasman. Asked how he feels about the months to come, Lasman answered, “I’m trying not to be nervous, trying to keep the stress down, and not obsess over one school.” Witte is another Senior with a much to do in addition to applying to college. This year, she is a coordinator of the Commons ESL program and is on the community service board. Witte has played varsity tennis, JV squash, and croquet during her time at Andover. Although busy with these obligations, she has not neglected the work that comes with the college application process. “I definitely thought about it, did a lot of research, and I know where I’m headed now,” said Witte. Since last summer Witte has been thinking about college applications, and so far has made good progress. Witte has already visited 12 schools all over the country, has done two interviews, and has begun drafting her essays. She is applying early decision to Dartmouth University. Witte hopes to major in English or history and minor in a language. She wants to spend a year abroad at some point during college. Witte’s parents expect their daughter to take care of her applications on her own. “My family feels really strong that I should make my own decision. They are vociferous about making sure that I don’t forget to do stuff. But they are supportive about what I’m looking for,” said Witte. She continued, “I really don’t try to become stressed about college. You are going to be educated wherever you go. To me, having a good experience at Andover is more important to me than who got into Harvard.