Cricket: Baseball on Valium?

When someone says Cricket, you think “chirp, chirp.” When someone says the real Cricket, you think of a fun sport, right? Well if you don’t, consider me your enlightener. Here are a few misconceptions about Cricket and the reasons that those who assume these things are completely mistaken: Cricket is for Wimps. Wrong. Excuse me, but you try playing a game for five straight days. To legitimize this five-day extravaganza, cricketers take breaks from the grueling on-field activities such as lunch and tea. If a sport has Tea Time in the middle of matches, you know the athletes need to replenish themselves after exhausting play. Cricketers are brave warriors that trot onto the field every match, risking the chance of sunburn, hunger, and the occasional broken finger. Clearly, cricket is not for wimps. Cricket is boring. Robin Williams once said, “Cricket is baseball on valium.” I am afraid he is mistaken. Cricket can be a fun game to play, and an even more entertaining sport to watch. There is always the potential of a flurry of runs, even four to six runs in one swing! Baseball can’t beat that now can it? In addition to the riveting action on the field, the players’ hats can also provide a few chuckles. Cricket is only for Englishmen. One word for you: Canada. Cricket has begun its invasion of Canada. That’s right; there are new kids on the block north of the border. Canada competed in the last World Cup (don’t ask how they did, though). Hockey Country no more; call it Cricket Land….maybe not just yet, but still cricket is expanding and taking over countries all over the world. Next up? Los Estados Unidos (a.k.a America the Beautiful). In conclusion, cricket is a sport that provides a fun and rewarding experience. If you were to ever get an urge to play this outstanding sport you might just find a group of kids playing (ahem, Wednesdays, 6-7pm). But when you play it, just be careful, cricket tends to be fast-paced and dangerous at times.