Kissing Booths, Massages, Mocktails, Pumpkins Abound at Dorm Fundraiser Quad Day 2005

Girls raced back to their dorms to change into bikini tops when they saw the Thompson House four offering massages. Thompson’s massage service was just one of the many treats for students that attended Quad Day on Sunday. The residents of the dorms in the West Quad North and West Quad South clusters manned tables around the perimeter of the quad, vending various goods and services to raise money for dorm events throughout the year. Johnson Hall sold “mocktail” smoothies for less than a dollar at their tropical-themed booth. The boys of Taylor House blasted romantic ballads from an iPod at their famous Kissing Booth. “Business is always good,” reported Taylor resident Matt Yeager ’06. At the price of five dollars, Andover Cottage offered customers a seat in an electric massage chair and an improvised serenade from the dorm’s inhabitants. Thompson House’s Derek de Svastich ‘06, Luke Cahill ‘06, and Nick Bowen ‘06 gave manual massages to paying customers. Rockwell House’s meatball subs were a big hit, selling out by 1:30 p.m. The four Juniors of Blanchard House sold cookies baked by their house counselor, Kathryn Birecki. “Mrs. Birecki’s food is legendary and I would pay a million dollars for it, but I only have to pay 50 cents,” raved Jane Henningsen ’06. The Tucker House table featured a chip-passing game called “L-C-R,” with the winners receiving t-shirts from Quad Day 2004-05 signed by the residents of Tucker House. Pemberton Cottage sold a variety of items, including popcorn balls and some “pretty convincing” cups of dirt. They also held a raffle to “win a date with a Pemby girl.” Like Pemberton Cottage, Bancroft Hall sold “cup of mud” desserts. The residents of Eaton Cottage refreshed patrons with Italian sodas, while Bishop Hall sold frozen beverages. Adams Hall sold a variety of plants and hand-decorated pumpkins. The Academy rented a fleet of inflatable attractions for the event. Among its inflatable novelties Quad Day featured a boxing ring, an obstacle course, an arena for American Gladiator-style jousting fights, a volleyball court, and a game mixing basketball with bungee cords.