Jammal ’06 Anchors Defense; Field Hockey Beats GDA, 5-0

Jevan Jammal ’06 proved her defensive prowess as she anchored a tough defense that has held its opponents to zero goals on the season. Goaltender Ale Moss ’07 was pleased with her defense’s play, having to save only a couple shots on net in each of the team’s first games. Moss said of Jammal, “Nothing got by her,” while Caroline Moore ’07 said, “She was a pleasure to watch.” Andover’s shutout defense was good enough to beat Governor Dummer Academy, but Andover ended its contest with Groton in a tie. Andover flew through its first scrimmage of the season by blowing out a weak Worcester Academy squad. This scrimmage may have boosted Andover’s confidence, but it did not adequately prepare Andover for its next scrimmage and the rest of the regular season. Andover’s last chance to prepare for the regular season came on Saturday with a scrimmage against Groton. Groton typified the high caliber teams that Andover will face during its regular season. This showed on the scoreboard as Andover tied 0-0. Andover gained control of the ball and moved it into its offensive zone often, but the inability to finish led to a lack of scoring. The defense blocked Groton’s offensive attack and only allowed two shots on goaltender Moss. Lindsay Moramarco ’06 distributed the ball well, and created many scoring chances. However, these chances did not translate to any scoring. One telling feature of Andover that came out of this game was its desire to win. Even though it was a preseason game that had no impact on any standings, almost every player on the team was furious with the tie. Though Andover was disappointed with its inability to play up to its potential, it did not keep the team from making a giant splash in its first game of the season. Andover devoured a strong Governor Dummer Academy team with the score of 5-0. Once again, Andover’s defense halted any offensive threat from GDA. The ball barely crossed the half-field line and Moss earned a one-save shut out. Jammal’s presence in the backfield was key to Andover’s success this game. Unlike the Groton game, Andover took advantage of its scoring opportunities often. Once the first goal was scored, Andover went on a tear. Carolyn Pollard ’07 said, “One of the biggest positives of the game was our intensity which lasted from the first goal to the end of the game.” The key plays to Andover’s scoring outburst were the corners. Two of Andover’s five goals came from corners. Moramarco tipped a ball that Megan Montecalvo ’06 blasted from the corner. Ali Zindman ’07 also notched her first goal for the regular season. This season opener showcased Moore’s constant effort and smarts. Looking for any way to beat the other team, she was involved in several key plays through out the game. One aspect of Andover’s game that the team needs to improve on is its transitional play. Though the defense is able to stop the ball before any serious offensive threat from the other team is mounted, Andover is having difficulty transitioning the ball to its forwards. Andover hopes that this win will supply it with the leverage the team needs to overcome a competitive Loomis team. Loomis will surely bring its A-game after last season’s two epic battles. Factors such as playing at home and under the lights may be the key elements in propelling Andover to the sweet taste of victory.