PA Baseball Defeats Deerfield in Doubleheader; Andover Loses Easy Game to Less Impressive Tabor

Providing the offensive fireworks for Andover, David Giller ’06 recorded four hits to guide Andover in its doubleheader sweep of Deerfield last weekend. With Giller’s hits, Andover scored a combined nineteen runs on the day. Later in the week, Andover fell apart against Tabor, for their second loss to the clearly inferior team. In the first game, Denys Levin ’05 was able to hold Deerfield in check as Andover’s offense took over with a total of thirteen hits. Though Andover was only leading four to three after the fourth inning, Giller gave Andover a more comfortable three run lead with a blast that cleared the outfield fence. Matt Boylan ’06 had a spectacular day at the plate, going four for five. Adding two hits a piece, Andrew Geraghty ’05 and Chris Bramwell ’07 helped propel Andover to a ten to three lead. Though Levin had a spectacular game with nine strikeouts and only one walk, he made one huge mistake in the seventh as he gave up a grand slam in the sixth. Still with a lead, though, he regained his composure and retired the next two batters to end the inning. Not allowing a run in the seventh, Jamie Durkin ’05 closed Andover’s ten to seven victory. Pitching a complete game, Tom Church ’05 struck out nine batters and only allowed four hits. Once again, Andover’s offense took over the game as Giller and Boylan continued their hitting torrents with two hits each. Steve Rolecek ’05 also had a great offensive game with three hits and three runs batted in. Five of Andover’s nine runs came in the second inning with the help of Joey Furnari’s ’05 two run single. Overall, Andover’s defense had a solid day at the ballpark, with no glaring errors. Many players showed their versatility as they played each game in a different position. Tom Dignard ’06 had a strong outing behind the plate and also in the infield at third base. In its first encounter, Andover gave Tabor its first win, and Andover hoped to annihilate the otherwise winless team in its second meeting. However, Andover fell to Tabor by means of its shaky defense. Looking like a blowout, Andover pounded Tabor’s pitcher for four runs in the bottom of the first inning. Starting pitcher Boylan paved the way for Andover with a two run homerun. After Andover’s offensive boost, Tabor then took Andover by complete surprise. In the top of the second inning, Tabor took advantage of Andover’s three errors and took a five to four lead. After Andover’s fifth inning run, the tie was scored heading into the seventh inning. But Tabor once again took the lead in the seventh. Andover entered the bottom of the last inning fearlessly and scored a run to tie the game. Andover could not hold this tie though as Tabor scored two runs in the ninth inning to earn an eight to six victory.