Girls Tennis Falls to Loomis; Ties Thayer Without Captain

Andover Girls Tennis Team lost one game and tied the other this week. Saturday, without top seed Margaret Kelly ’06, the team lost to an experienced Loomis squad. The team then traveled to Thayer without Captain Sarah Chang ’05 on Wednesday and tied 9-9. The team’s record is now 5 – 3 – 1. On Saturday, Diana Grace ’05 served as the number one seed. Her Loomis counterpart got the best of her in the first set, winning by a score of 1-6. However, she was able to make the second match competitive, but lost 3-6. At the second seed, Lucretia Witte ’06 lost a tough first set 6-7, and she fell in the tiebreaker, 3-7. Witte was able to bounce back from the defeat and easily beat her opponent, 6-2. Captain Sarah Chang ’05 dropped a tough first set 6-7 and was not able to bounce back in the second set as she lost 3-6 against Loomis’s number three. It was a tough day for Andover’s number four, Julia Watson ’07, as she went down 0-6, 1-6. Alyssa Hill ’06 at number five played one of the more exciting matches of the day. She lost a heartbreaking first set 5-7, but she forced a match tie, winning the second set 7-5. She commented, “She beat me in the first set because she questioned some of my calls when she was losing and [the opponent’s complaints] got to me a little. But in the second set I was able to keep control of my emotions and accept that she was going to question me so that I would not get agitated.” Alice Campbell ’05 won the first set in convincing fashion, 6-3. The second set, however did not go so well for her, as she fell 1-6, resulting in a tie in the battle of sixes. Andover did not find much success in doubles action. The top two teams of Grace and Witte, and Hill and Watson lost their pro-set style matches. The team of Captain Chang and Campbell was not able to get it going, as Andover dropped its third doubles match, 1-8. On Wednesday, Kelly ’06 returned to action against Thayer’s eighth grader and, as the number one seed, she lost by a score of 2-6, 0-6. At the number two position, Grace returned to her usual, flawless form as she cleaned up against her Thayer counterpart, 6-2, 6-0. At number three, Witte won her first set 6-4. However, she dropped her second set 2-6, forcing a tie. Watson played in the number four position. In the first set, she dominated her opponent by winning 6-2. Her opponent stepped up her game and put Watson to the test, but she was able to get the victory for Andover, 7-5. Hill ’06 played two tough sets, but unfortunately came up on the short end both times. She lost two heartbreakers 6-7 (5-7 in the tiebreaker) and 2-6. To end singles play, Campbell played as the number six and completely dominated in both sets as she won 6-1, 6-1. Doubles action saw one Andover win and two losses. The teams of Grace and Witte along with Hill and Watson lost the matches for Andover. Andover’s number three team, which consisted of Kelly and Campbell, picked up the win.