Ali Siddiqi ’06 Wins Student Body Presidency

This Wednesday the Phillips Academy student body chose Ali Siddiqi ’06 as their leader for the 2005-2006 school year.

Siddiqi was elected over Paul Engelhardt ’06 and Brendan de Brun ’06 to serve as next year’s Student Body President.

“I am feeling good right now, but a little nervous about the upcoming year and meeting all my goals,” said Siddiqi after he found out the results of the election.

Runner-up Paul Engelhardt ’06 will serve as Vice-President.

Before the voting took place, each candidate had a chance to present his platform to the PA community at Wednesday’s All-School Meeting.

The meeting began with a great deal of pomp. With “Hail to the Chief” playing in the background and confetti falling from the balcony, current Student Body President Daniel Adler ’05 entered Cochran Chapel riding on a Segway, accompanied by students dressed as Secret Service agents.

“Unfortunately my post-graduate application was rejected, so we have to elect a new president,” Adler said.

After Adler’s speech, each presidential candidate delivered his final campaign speech.

Siddiqi spoke first.

“I stand before a terrified man,” he began.

Siddiqi said that as president he would work to implement an online sign-in process and a decrease in work duty requirements.

“I can promise to work with the administration and faculty so student opinions are heard and understood,” he said.

Next to speak was Engelhardt. He began by sharing a brief anecdote about his first day at Andover, and then he presented his plan to improve life at PA.

Engelhardt’s platform included more ATM machines on campus, additional day-student parking spaces, a convenience store in the Ryley Room, a polling committee on Student Council, and a monthly bulletin to keep the student body informed of the Student Council’s projects and decisions.

“These are small things, but it is the small things in our daily lives that make a big difference,” Engelhardt said.

De Brun was the last to speak. If elected president, de Brun promised more student polls, a weekly bulletin, computers in George Washington Hall, more day-student parking spaces, increased funding for student clubs, and a greater variety of food in Commons.

De Brun promised to be a strong leader and never to back down from a challenge.

“Leadership is the willingness to stand in front of the whole school and do what is best for all,” he said.

Using a new online voting system, 914 students cast their votes for Student Body President after the conclusion of Wednesday’s All-School Meeting.

“It went really smoothly,” said Adler of the online voting. “We had 914 voters this year compared to 830 last year.”

Adler reported that there were no errors in the election process.

With Siddiqi as the new president, Adler thinks that there will be a smooth transition between presidencies.

Adler said, “Ali beat out two really qualified candidates. He gave a great speech, had feasible and innovative ideas, and he connected with people.”