Amy Falls ’82 Appointed First Chief Investment Officer

Phillips Academy recently became the first school of its kind to hire a full-time employee to specifically manage its financial assets, naming Amy Falls ’82 as its Chief Investment Officer. Until recently, Andover managed its own investments and determined the causes to which its money was applied. As Andover’s first Chief Investment Officer, Amy Falls’ primary goals will be to manage the Academy’s money and to increase its financial assets. She will also be in charge of investing the endowment. Ms. Falls will work with Chief Financial Officer Stephen Carter, Head of School Barbara Landis Chase, and the rest of the faculty to increase the school’s wealth. “As the markets continue to become more complex, competitive, and global in nature, it is clear that having a Chief Investment Officer on board to help us navigate these waters is increasingly critical,” said Mr. Carter. “Amy Falls’s deep financial markets expertise, combined with her knowledge of how macroeconomic trends and geopolitical events affect those markets, makes her the perfect person for the job.” Ms. Falls, after graduating from Andover, went on to receive her bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and then proceeded to gain a master’s degree in public policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. With these credits to her name, she quickly climbed the career ladder, running the Emerging Markets Research Group, an independent organization which works with international companies to aid them in cutting costs and improving service quality, effectiveness, and efficiency. She was the “global high yield strategist,” responsible for securing high incomes from international affairs. Most recently, she was the Managing Director and Global Fixed Income Strategist for Morgan Stanley, a large investment bank. Ms. Falls is excited about getting back in touch with her roots here at Andover and being a key auxiliary figure in paving the way for a successful future. “The opportunity to be involved with this great institution and to oversee an area so vital to the school’s success for future generations made the decision to come to Andover an easy one for me. I look forward to meeting the challenges of the position and being an integral part of helping the Academy continue to thrive,” said Ms. Falls.