This Saturday Andover will take on Exeter at home for the annual Andover/ Exeter Contests. Andover’s record is 11-2 in league, and they now stand in third place in New England, with Exeter in fourth. Andover has beaten teams such as St. Paul’s, Deerfield, NMH, Cushing, and Exeter, and has only lost to Taft and Choate, numbers one and two in the league. Throughout the season, Andover has demonstrated its capacity to play well. The team is full of talented players and is relatively experienced. With the addition of two new players, the team has been able to add some new plays to its repertoire over the course of the season. At its last meeting against Exeter at the end of October, the Andover team defeated the Big Red 3-1. Though the Exeter girls put up a good fight, Andover had its game together and simply had a better team in place. The most important part of the game was the energy and concentration that Andover maintained throughout the match. The Lady Blue was victorious against Exeter when playing in a foreign gym, and is excited to play the Big Red in at home amidst screaming fans.We count on a fine performance from the Andover team and another “W” for Girls’ Volleyball.