Moving in the Right Direction

This Tuesday, President Bush won the majority of votes cast. Though this is often characteristic of the winning candidate, Bush did not do this in the last election. Neither did Clinton-not in ’92 nor in ’96 In addition, the House and Senate picked up Republican seats, and more governors are now Republicans. It is a clear mandate from the American people. The direction the country is moving is right. Conservatism is now mainstream. Here in Massachusetts, it is difficult to grasp such a concept. We hate guns, love abortion, want higher taxes and more government spending. We call the war in Iraq a “mess” while soldiers are still risking their lives and desperately seek France’s and Germany’s approval. We are home to two of the most liberal senators. Conservatives are few and far between and are often branded with the prefix neo if they are caught giving any positive lip-service to the president. Conservatism is anything but mainstream. Here in Massachusetts, we are not only not in touch with reality, we are above it-especially at Andover. Now that the liberals do not have the strength in numbers by which they used to prove their legitimacy, their argument has shifted: “Some people just don’t know what is best for them.” (Times I heard this on Wednesday: 5) They think Middle America, carried entirely by Bush, is comprised of a bunch of buffoons who simply see a cowboy over a guy who can’t even catch a football. They read The New York Times. They know what is best for them, the farmers in Nebraska, the small business owners in Indiana-everyone. They are just that smart that they even know better than the farmers and business owners themselves. But their vast intelligence forgets one simple, intrinsic part of our system that makes democracy work: people vote for the candidate who will benefit themselves the most. The American public experienced life under Bush for four years, and they decided: more of the same. No matter what liberals try to tell them, the American public insisted that Bush country is somewhere they like to be. It is not just rich white men that want more of their income back; it is the majority of America. It is not just the Evangelical Christians that are comfortable with an anti-abortion president, anti-gay marriage president; it is the majority of America. It is not just the war-hawks that believe in the purpose of Iraq; it is the majority of America. Therefore, with this broad victory of Republican ideals, the liberals in America must accept the people’s mandate. When Bush imbues his next four years with his conservatism, liberals muct realize: it was we, the American, people who decided to take this step in the right direction.