Campaign Diary: Andover Students Assist Election Efforts of Bush ’64, Kerry Campaigns

Canvassing in New Hampshire, debating over the radio waves, and selling campus political magazines – Phillips Academy students are gearing up for an exciting election. Clubs and organizations across campus, ranging from the Center for Global Justice, to Frontline and Oxfam, have hosted forums to present all the different sides of hot election issues. Publications of “Frontline” and “Point Counterpoint,” two of Andover’s political magazines, were released this week. WPAA is airing political radio shows every Friday night, and the Young Republicans and Young Democrats are hoping that their last minute efforts will help their respective candidates on Election Day. Andover’s Young Republicans went canvassing in New Hampshire last Sunday, targeting undecided voters in the nearby swing state. The Young Democrats had plans to visit New Hampshire two weeks ago, but were unable to go due to transportation glitches. For the Young Republicans, however, transportation was not a problem. The trip was organized by Nat Lavin ’07 in cooperation with Bush’s presidential campaign. Eager for the support, the campaign sent an entire bus to help transport Andover students to New Hampshire. “We went door-to-door, asking residents if they were registered, for whom they were going to vote, and if rides to the polls were needed on Election Day,” said Nick Smith Wang ’05, chair of the Young Republicans Club. The Young Republicans tried to convince undecided voters to join the Bush camp. Ishani Vellodi ’06 explained, “New Hampshire’s really up for grabs, especially near the border area with Massachusetts.” She continued, “I and my partner took 45 to 50 [random] doors, and eight to nine were undecided.” While the Democrats may not have made it up to New Hampshire, they found ways to show their support for John Kerry without leaving the Phillips Academy campus. Thursday night, Young Democrats Club met and watched