CAMD Donation Enhances Study and Research Center

A cozy, comfortable reading nook with non-fluorescent lighting and a comprehensive collection of books about African Americans in professional fields will become a part of Andover’s resources thanks to Phillips Academy Trustee Bill Lewis ’74. The Office of Community and Multicultural Development will be the home of the new collection, which will be included in the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library catalogue. Though the CAMD library has matured slowly throughout the past few years, it has only grown large enough to require space on the electronic database of OWHL within the last year. By adding their collection to the library catalogue, CAMD hopes to provide an easy way for the entire community to access their materials. While the physical renovations taking place in CAMD to accommodate the new collection are minor, they will impact entire atmosphere of the room. The actual footprint will be left alone, but there will be a significant increase in shelf space, more comfortable chairs and softer lighting to compensate for the loss of the wall lighting being removed to provide space for the shelves. Director of the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library Elisabeth Tully hopes that the new space will accommodate students and invites members of the student body to come forward with any suggestions or ideas for the added collection. Edwin Diaz ’07, who eagerly awaits the arrival of the new books, said, “I think it’s an opportunity for other ethnicities to get in touch with African American history and I hope it will increase the knowledge of our ancestry.” Dean of Community and Multicultural Development Bobby Edwards emphasized the importance of the example set by of Mr. Lewis’ gift. “The primary thing is not only the fact that the gift was given in the spirit of enhancing the access to the African American culture, but in Mr. Lewis himself, who through his very generous and important act of giving back, has set an example of really living a non-sibi life,” he said. Mr. Lewis, a Phillips Academy trustee, has demonstrated his devotion to the Academy through generous contributions of time and money. Ending a 24-year career at Morgan Stanley, Mr. Lewis recently joined the investment firm Lazard.