DYNASTY! Four for ’04

Andover has had great athletes and teams in my time here. We have seen many people grow socially, academically, and athletically. The class of ’04 has been blessed with exceptional talent at every level. But, as it is time for my classmates and I to leave, I look back and think of what stands out most. That would be our boys track team. I was fortunate enough to captain a team that produced a four-peat this spring. I can easily say that we have been the best team on campus during our time here. If anyone has a beef with that, they can bring it up with me. That is not to take away from our other teams, but no other team has accomplished more than us. We have won the most championships, put on some great performances, and been one of the most clutch teams that I have seen at any level, period. When most people think of track, they think of a sport made up of seventeen different individual events and not necessarily a team. This is not the case with the Big Blue Boys track team. Every practice and everyday we have seen why we are able to call ourselves the