Andover Golf Finishes Mixed Week, Ties New Hampton, Smokes St. Marks

The PA Varsity Golf team played came through with mixed results this week. On Friday against New Hampton the team ended the game with a tie, and on Wednesday they easily beat St. Marks. Recently many new golfers have been playing in the Varsity matches and impressing their coaches and teammates, especially against St. Marks. Coach Smith was happy with the Big Blue tie against New Hampton match on Friday, “New Hampton showed up with enthusiasm and skill,” he said, “With 6 matches completed and light giving way to 38 degree nightfall, our last group of Brennan and Stylish Artie finally limped in, an hour behind everyone else. But they pulled off the 3 point sweep we needed to pull Andover into a good final 6-6 tie on a cold day at Atkinson. Evan and Callum swept; others were swept.” Paul Tassinari ’04 said, “Against New Hampton, our numbers one, two, five, and six were swept of all 3 points in there group, while the rest of our team swept the rest of the points in their groups. New Hampton beat us last year, and no one on their team graduated from last year, so they only improved. But overall everyone played well. Artie and Brennan came in after playing really slowly, but they swept all 3 points, which was a surprise to the rest of the team waiting for them, so they came through to help tie the match.” The golf teams own Scottish Pride, Callum Thomas ’04, eloquently said, “Our tie against New Hampton was an emotional encounter to say the least. Few moments in golf will ever match the tension as Artie Mittnacht won his last hole to bring the tie home for Andover. Personally I was pleased with my own performance, and that of my playing partner Evan Harmeling, as we took all three points available from our contest.” Tom Tassinari’06, Simon Keyes ’06, Kristen MacDonald ’07, James Watson’06, and Emily Watson ’04 (who shot the days low score of 37) all won their matches easily. Leaving no one guessing about her talent, MacDonald beat her St. Marks player on the first five holes. Greg Feldmann ’05 tied his opponent. The overall score was PA 5.5 to St. Marks 2.5. Keyes summed up the match against St. Marks, “The day was easy. The course was short and crummy. St. Marks was better than we expected, but just not good enough.”