Cold Duck Heats Up Borden

To describe Cold Duck Complex, it is probably easiest to use the words of their MC, Casey Hayward (aka Platypus Complex) in his song, “None of the Above.” The art of hip-hop is reborn when I enter I chill with Cold Duck and head south for the winter We introducing some jazzy type funk Add a pinch of Parliament to Thelonious Monk. The group performed live in the Borden Gym this past Friday night to a small but devoted crowd. A funky mix of jazz and hip hop, Cold Duck Complex is the collaboration of the Cold Duck Trio and MC Platypus Complex. The Cold Duck Trio, composed of Joe Cardozo (bass), Jeff D’Antona (keyboard), and Makaya McCraven (drums), provided a tight backing to the Hayward’s lyrics. When they did break off into their trio, they showed their versatility as musicians, launching into instrumentals that displayed each of their individual talents. McCraven was the fuel that kept the energy up for the group for the duration of the two-hour show. McCraven is an imposing sight—he stands over 6 feet tall, is extremely well built, and sports a large afro. Playing on a beaten, purple drum set, his powerful drumming and overbearing presence gave the impression that he was going to break the set at any minute. Many in the audience thought he was the highlight of the show, with his fierce but lighthearted percussion holding the crowd in rapt attention during the instrumentals.