Andover Swimming Prepares for Interschols, Girls Vying for Third Consecutive Championship

GIRLS SWIMMING With Interschols looming in the near future, the girls are gearing up for March 6th, and after their exciting two-point victory over Exeter, Girls Varsity Swimming is doing anything but resting. Although the team is nervous, they’re extremely excited about the meet. Says Alyssa Hill ’06, “I’m really scared for the meet…but I’m also really excited. I think it’s going to be really hard, but I think we’ll come out on top.” The girls have been working hard at their individual events, and will each be swimming their most prominent race. Katie Faulkner ’06, after a grueling season of swimming the 500 free style, will have her chance to truly shine. “I’m really excited about the 500. I know the competition will be intense, but I’ve worked hard all season and I feel I’m ready.” Not only will the girls undoubtedly rule their individual events, but their relays never fail. Says Emily Brenner ’06, “Our relays have always done really well, and I don’t expect anything different at Interschols. I’m confident that we’ll all swim really well.” The girls, as a team, are feeling fabulous. They have nothing but positive energy running through them at every practice. Says freshman Kelly Chang ’07 “I’m really eager about my first meet at Interschols, but I’m also really nervous, and everyone is being really supportive. I’m so glad to be swimming with such a great group of girls.” Hee-jin Chang ’05 has an optimistic outlook for the future, and the season they left behind, saying, “It has been a tough season, but I think that everyone held onto each other really well. The team was very enthusiastic through out all the races, and supportive of one another. Interschols are going to be tough, but we are going to have a lot of fun. We have practiced hard and we are going to swim fast at Deerfield.” Interschols are bittersweet for Captain Kate Page ’04, who’s swimming her last meet with the Andover S’Women. She says, “I’m really psyched to swim this last meet on Saturday, even though it’s going to be sad to leave such group of girls. I’m thrilled to be able to go out with this team; I’ve really enjoyed spending the season with them.” Coach Paul Murphy, along with his talented team, are extremely excited for Match 6th. He says, “We plan to have fun all weekend. If we win, great. If not, then we’ve had fun! Beating Exeter 94-92 was pretty amazing…the girls worked pretty hard for that one! Interschols is an entirely different beast! We hope to tame the beast and bring Andover a three-peat in G Swimming & Diving!” BOYS SWIMMING There’s a rush of excitement running through the Boys Varsity Swim team this week, as they continue to prepare for Interschols on March 7th. The boys are beginning to taper, as their season comes down to the last few days. Says Jeff Zhou ’06, “We’ve trained all season. Interschols is what it all comes down to.” It’s been a long season filled with hard practices and challenging meets. Says Jamie Neuwirth ’06 “All of our hard work and taper should pay off highly at interschols.” Jamie Neuwirth will be swimming the 100 yard free-style alongside teammate Jed Kelly ’04 and Captain Paul Randt ‘04. Neuwirth and Randt will also both be swimming the 50 free. Swimming the 200 IM with be Jeff Cutts ’06 and Robert Gucwa ’04. Freshman Ryan Ferguson ’07 is looking forward to swimming the 500 yard free style, “I’m excited to go to Interschols for the first time,” he said, “and I think swimming the 500 will be really fun.” Swimming the 500 with Ferguson will be Aaron Stroble ’04. Both Ferguson and Stroble will also be swimming the 200-yard free-style together. Jeff Zhou ’06 will be swimming both his best events, the 100 yard back and the 50-yard freestyle. Jed Kelly ’04 comments saying, “It’s going to be an intense day for everyone, but I feel if we stay focused and swim our best we can do well.” Along with the swimming boys, the diving guys are just as eager. Says Diver Dave Wilkinson ’05, “It’s been a great season and I’m looking forward to Interschols. Corey’s first year of diving has been very impressive, and I expect that he’s going to dive really well on Sunday.” Says Rob Anderson ’06 of the upcoming meet: “This year at interschols, Andover boys will adopt the title of ‘the dominators.”