Stephen Carter To Succeed Neil Cullen As Academy C.F.O.

Dean of Faculty and Instructor in Math Stephen Carter will replace Neil Cullen as Chief Financial Officer of Phillips Academy this summer. The announcement comes after a long and arduous search process that began at the beginning of Fall term. At the beginning of the academic year, the administration and trustees reviewed about 100 resumes submitted by applicants from all around the country for the post. They conducted 30 interviews for the position over the phone and 10 in person. Several trustees interviewed potential candidates in New York. Members of the Deans’ Council and the Faculty Advisory Committee on Budget and Facilities narrowed the pool of applicants to three and interviewed them, but could not reach a consensus on which of the three finalists to select. “I did not feel that we had found the right person for the job,” Ms. Chase wrote in a statement. At that point in time, Mr. Carter, who had originally been a candidate for the post at the beginning of the search process, decided that he would again consider the position. Mr. Carter initially decided not to apply for the position because Ms. Chase was reluctant to have him leave his current position as Dean of Faculty. “I wanted to see Steve stay where he was, because of my enthusiasm about his performance in [as Dean of Faculty],” Ms. Chase wrote in her statement. While he regrets that he must leave his position as Dean of Faculty, Mr. Carter is enthusiastic about assuming his new role this summer. “We need to continue to work towards some financial equilibrium,” he said. “Mr. Cullen has done a really great job in doing this,” he continued. Mr. Carter began his career at Phillips Academy as an Instructor in Mathematics in 1980. From 1981 to 1986, he was Pine Knoll Cluster Dean. From 1986 to 1991 he served as Associate Dean of Studies and Scheduling Officer. From 1995 to 2000 he was Dean of Students and Residential Life. He has served as Dean of Faculty since 2000. In addition to serving in many positions on the Deans’ Council, Mr. Carter has also served on many committees. Ms. Chase cited Mr. Carter’s intimate knowledge of and experience with the school as one of his greatest qualifications for the post. Mr. Carter holds degrees from Brown University and Wesleyan University in engineering and mathematics. One of Mr. Carter’s greatest regrets about leaving his current post is that he will have less contact with the faculty. “I will miss being able to step in and help people,” he said, “however there will be plenty of people who will be able to pick up the reigns.” Mr. Cullen is also excited that Mr. Carter will succeed him as Chief Financial Officer, and is enthusiastic about handing Mr. Carter the post. “Steve is a remarkbly effective teacher, coach and administrator who knows the school well and has earned the respect of all of us who have workedclosely with him,” Mr. Cullen said. Mr. Cullen went on to say that he believes that the challenges his successor will face will include achieving financial equilibrium, maintaining the academic curriculum, raising the value of the endowment, and improving physical facilities and technology. Mr. Cullen and his wife, Elizabeth, will remain in the Boston area for the time being. They hope to “take full advantage of the city’s many educational and cultural opportunities.” Among other things, they will continue to sing in the New England Classical Singers, a regional choral group in which they both take part. “The CFO at Phillips Academy has one of the best financial management jobs available in the field of education and research,” Mr. Cullen said. “I have enjoyed serving the school in this capacity, and I am sure that Steve will also.” Mr. Cullen will finish his 18th year as Chief Financial Officer at the end of the school year.