Lowers Try To Balance Work, Play, Lack of Sleep

all term was a struggle for most of Andover’s new Lowers, but as winter term comes to a close, the new members of the class of 2006 seem to be adjusting to the new environment. Academics are coming into place, friendships are growing deeper, and the new Lowers are feeling more and more at home at Phillips Academy. Stephanie Sit How has lower year been so far? Have you been able to adjust to life at Andover? In the beginning, it was really hard. I was homesick, my grades were low, and I missed home, so I kept calling my parents. The first day was probably the worst. After my parents left, I just didn’t feel like socializing that whole day. Now, things are going a lot better. I guess I’m not fully adjusted yet. Homework is still tough, and I’m probably not as used to the work load as the returning lowers are. But I’ve learned to manage my time better, and I’m much more focused. I know what I want out of Andover. The homesickness, I guess, just took some time. I still call my parents everyday, and I think that helps. Colin Calabrese You are attending as a day student. Do you feel that this made it easier or harder to adjust to Phillips Academy? I actually think it made it easier to adjust. Besides PA, I did look at some other boarding schools. Although boarding would have been cool because you could be with your friends 24/7, I think being a day student allowed me to maintain some of my routine. Although I do find myself spending more time at school, I am still able to come home after the day is over. I do end up driving back and forth a lot, though. It does seem that PA is made for boarders. For Art homework, you often have to go the art building to do projects, so I’ve had to spend some of my Saturdays on campus. But overall, it’s not that bad, since I don’t live far away. Andrew Glasrud How have you adjusted to life at Andover? I have had to learn to socialize with a wide range of people. Academically, it’s a lot harder — I have to balance my time between work and friends. I did start working a lot more, so I stay up late, and I’ve had to get used to not having as much sleep. Having no parents here, you have to learn to be responsible by yourself. If you want something done, you have to do it on your own. Samik Sikand Has Andover’s academic program been difficult to adapt to? Has it been harder than at your old school? Andover is a lot harder than where I came from, so it was a huge jump. But I think it’s better. The teachers are so hard and challenging that they really inspire me to work harder. Though it was tough at first, I was starting to get used to it by the end of the first week.