Juniors Experience Joys Of Biology 100, Dorm Life

fter completing half of their first year at Phillips Academy, many juniors feel their social lives are going well, though most say that their parents have not yet adjusted to their absence from home. Michael Jiang How have you adjusted to Andover? The first part of the year was a bit a hard, but as the months progressed, it has gotten easier. I have learned to manage my time better. What has been your worst Andover experience? My worst experience was definitely finals week of last trimester. It was really hard and stressful. What is the best part about living in a dorm? Probably having the freedom to do whatever you want, and nobody there to tell you not to do things. Erin Mullany What is your favorite Commons meal? Lasagna for lunch and waffles for breakfast. What is the worst part of living in a dorm? I think the worst is when it is pretty loud when I am studying, and when people take your food out of the fridge. Akosua A. Oforiwaa-Ayim What has been your best academic experience at Andover? Getting a 5 on my final bio paper that I worked really hard on. How have your parents adjusted to you being away from home? I think it is harder for my dad than it is for me. I was the one who helped out around the house, but he is getting used to it. What has been your best experience at Andover? Definitely the Slam competition at NMH last Saturday. It was a great time for the team to bond; we got a lot closer during the competition. Jonathon Gruskin What is your favorite Commons meal? Hamburgers. They are always served with French fries, and they always taste good. What has been your best experience at Andover? My best experience would probably be the pep rally, and then going to Ryley Room and dancing to the music. I was a fun night, and the pep rally gave me pride to be at Andover. It was high energy, and told me I was at the right place. How is your social life at Andover? Above average…just kidding. Its fun being able to hang out with friends during the weekend and even during conference period.